Martin Luther King Jr., Asian-American Activist, Gidra, Iqbal Ahmed, Richard Aoki, Grace Lee Boggs. Larry Itliong, Vietnam War, Black Panthers, Detroit, United Farm Workers, Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, H&M, Rachel Dolezal, Alameda, South Africa, Fast Fashion   Is being wished a Happy MLKJr. Day Celebration weird? Nnekay wonders if she was being singled out. The twins discuss. After that, Nnekay and James unpack the wild ridiculousness of the fiasco of H&M and their gross advertisement. Nnekay breaks down the terrible history of black people being compared to monkeys. James demands for more diversity in company- which could have prevented this. The twins also discuss the difference between nonviolent and violent protest inspired by the events of South Africa in reaction to H&M's racist ad. Rachel Dolezal decides to take advantage this opportunity by making poor choices and bad decisions once again. We kick off this episode with James' Korner- the return of our good friend Mz. Quizlette and this time she is look at you, Dr. King! James breaks down some facts that you might not have known about the legendary civil rights hero. Continuing the thread of activism, Nnekay takes us through a list of various Asian American activist who deserve a spotlight shined on them for their accomplishments in civil rights, labor right, anti-racism, and anti war efforts.      Links!   Twitter: @minoritykorner Email: Like Us On Facebook: Minority Korner Minority Korner Store   Guide To A Gay Bar: Straight Guy Edition