Hello and welcome to EPISODE 53 of MOOD SWINGS. This week I am joined by CAISHNAH NEVANS, the brains behind the LYRICAL LIFE LESSONS project. In this episode we talk all about the project, music, gigs, The Barrowlands, mental health and much more. Big thanks to Caishnah for abandoning her family to come and talk to me!  Check out Lyrical Life Lessons:  Twitter: @life_lyrical  Instagram: lyrical.life.lessons Lyrical Life Lessons on Facebook Lyrical Life Lessons Website About Lyrical Life Lessons: 

"Lyrical Life Lessons is a project celebrating the power music and lyrics can have on our mental health. From showing us that someone out there understands, to giving us positive messages on how to live life, lyrics are a special part of the magic music has.

The project embraces the idea that ‘music is what feelings sound like’ and encourages you to share your own lyrical story on the site. These stories are paired with stunning visual representations of the lyrics creating an online space full of inspiration, advice and support.

Musicians talk to the site about their own creative process, the lyrics they have written and those that have inspired them, as well as their own mental health. There are also interviews with other well known creatives.

The project has also worked alongside mental health charities in running workshops. These creative workshops promote the benefits of being creative using music and lyrics as inspiration for the pieces created - some of which appear on the site.

Future plans for the site include additional workshops with organisations, a range of prints and products of the site’s artwork and collaborations between designers and musicians on these."