To many, the image of an airline pilot conjures up thoughts of confident commanders in crisp tailored uniforms, living a life of excitement, romance and adventure. But what about the life of an airline captain in China?
In today's episode with Michael Hundegger, we have a good-humoured conversation about the culture of commercial aviation in China. Yes, there's still the romance and the adventure. Of course there's also the procedures, the strict hierarchy, and the grunt-work. But more than that, there's a fascinating window into the nature of authority, discipline and education in China.
The episode also includes a catch-up interview with:
Vittorio Franzese from Season 02 Episode 27

00:00 - Trailer & Intro
00:54 - Part 1
22:29 - Part 2
32:20 - Outro
36:06 - Catch-Up Interview

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