What can anyone learn from a DJ? It turns out… a helluva lot, especially when the DJ in question is DJ BO. Based in China for the last decade, DJ BO has led a peripatetic life which has taken him on countless adventures in the pursuit of sharing his love of eclectic music, most famously becoming the first international DJ to ever play a set in North Korea.

DJ BO's roots in Asia stem from his early years living in Mongolia, and he now also devotes energy into advancing the knowledge and appreciation of Mongolian culture in China. And while obsessively curating and showcasing music from this and other overlooked corners of the world, his story also teaches us the importance of respecting the art and culture on your own doorstep.

The episode also includes a catch-up interview with Abe Deyo from Season 01 Episode 27. (https://mosaicofchina.com/season-01-episode-27-abe-deyo).

00:00 - Trailer & Intro
01:26 - Part 1
24:05 - Part 2
31:07 - Outro
34:09 - Catch-Up Interview

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