In three seasons of the Mosaic of China podcast, we've already covered a large chunk of the A-Z of life in China. In today's episode, we're fast-forwarding to the end, not just because Zhou Yan's name starts with a 'Z', but because we're talking about the subject of death.
In her work as a volunteer in hospices and 'Death Cafés' in Shanghai, Zhou Yan is doing more than just dispelling the superstition and stigma that surrounds the subject of death in China. She also demonstrates how to live life with more intention, and with more reverence to those around us.
The episode also includes catch-up interviews with:
Chang Chihyun from Season 02 Episode 03
Nick Yu from Season 01 Episode 13

00:00 - Trailer & Intro
03:09 - Part 1
24:01 - Part 2
39:33 - Outro
43:38 - Catch-Up Interview [1]
50:56 - Catch-Up Interview [2]

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