By now you've probably heard about Burning Man, the festival that in recent years attracts over 80,000 participants to the deserts of Nevada. But did you know that there's an equivalent event in China called Dragon Burn (龙焰)?
Today's guest on the Mosaic of China podcast is Francesca Valsecchi, a professor at Tongji University in Shanghai and one of the active participants behind Dragon Burn. In our fun and wide-ranging chat, we discuss how she combines these two worlds under the principles of communality, immediacy and de-commodification.
The episode also includes a catch-up interview with:
Alex Shoer from Season 02 Episode 11

00:00 - Trailer & Intro

01:58 - Part 1

25:19 - Part 2

38:32 - Outro

40:55 - Catch-Up Interview

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