This week’s guest is the award-winning Chinese playwright Nick Yu, 喻荣军, who juggles his work as a writer alongside his role as Creative Director at the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre. In our conversation, we cover Nick’s two contrasting identities: the sophisticated denizen of the Shanghai arts scene, and the son of a village teacher from the heart of the Chinese countryside.

Nick is no stranger to controversy, and is famous in the Chinese theatre scene for pushing the limits of what can be put on the stage. So we also discuss his creative process, and the way in which he nurtures his imagination without overstepping the the boundaries of the China culture policy. So this episode should be a must-listen for any creators or artists in china who are struggling with temptation of self-censorship.

00:00 - Trailer & Intro
02:12 - Part 1
18:01 - Part 2
28:44 - Outro