Is there anything more pathetically banal than talking about sleep? We all do it, so… who cares? Until recent years, that's what many of us would have said. But these days there's a growing recognition that sleep quality lies at the root of our holistic wellbeing, and is deserving of further investigation.
That's where we encounter a brand new problem. Since issues with sleep do indeed speak to a broader holistic imbalance, how do we even start to deconstruct the cocktail of behavioural, hormonal, environmental, medical and emotional factors that might be at play? And once diagnosed, how then do we avoid the modern temptation to seek quick fixes, and truly develop new habits and long-term solutions? Step in Rumbiey Muchenje to discuss the world of sleep coaching in China, and the story that took her from adolescence in Harare to ‘Sleepless in Shanghai’.
The episode also includes a catch-up interview with:
Astrid Poghosyan from Season 01 Episode 04

00:00 - Trailer & Intro
01:32 - Part 1
40:13 - Part 2
48:11 - Outro
51:02 - Catch-Up Interview

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