In 1996, China acquired a decommissioned Soviet aircraft carrier, with the express intention of using it as the centrepiece of a theme park in the city of 天津 [Tiānjīn]. Today, the 濱海 [Bīnhǎi] Aircraft Carrier Theme Park is still operative, and the enormous ship stands as the backdrop of a pirate stunt show.
Today’s episode is with Frank Abel, who has been coordinating these stunts since 2012, as well as building and maintaining the modified stunt vehicles on display. A veteran stunt man, Frank has a lifetime of tall tales from the worlds of movies and theme parks, both in the U.S. and China. So it was a unique pleasure to include just a few of these in today’s episode.
The episode also includes catch-up interviews with:
Murray King from Season 02 Episode 29
Emily Madge from Season 01 Episode 14
00:00 - Trailer & Intro
00:42 - Part 1
22:21 - Part 2
31:52 - Outro
34:55 - Catch-Up Interview [1]
38:26 - Catch-Up Interview [2]
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