gang of four at home he s a tourist i found that essence rare

dropkick murphy the bonny

slow death a little less ugly no heaven

gino and the goons babydoll shake it

the kinks too much monkey business

southern culture on the skids muswell hillbilly

juliette seizure & the tremor dolls be my fred cole

cash registers lets be bad

black lips dishonest man sing a world thats falling apart

the exbats i got the hots for charlie watts

the erector set 13 inside out

the customs lets go get it / bring my cadillac back

the dents queen city radio we were living in cincinnati

mott the hoople itll be me two miles from live heaven

the replacements borstal breakout

the stooges cock in my pocket

nervous jerk 40 degrees 1994 ep

the lost riots when your back in town The Kids You Love To Hate

chubby and the gang speed kills

botax rats heatwave nasty business

deadshit johnson piss or get off the pot Fuckwit Boogie

wolfmanhatten project smells like you s

all christine 16 hard to believe

phone jerks kill kill out of gate

dark thoughts imaginary lines must be nice

killer kin feeder blues BAD, BAD, MINDS!

cherry pickles lilly is a spy cherry pickles will harden your nipples

wood chickens skunk ape

lovin scoundrels marcylene New York 18

resuscitators the ron swansong pretend its not over
capt 9 and the knickerbockers i aint taking a bath

poison boys slow down out of my head

the glucks under the gun

sonics walkin the dog