Compulsive Roots

kind of a family thing

Compulsive Gamblers / phoney lesbians / Gamblin Days Are Over

thee Shams / dontcha bother me / norton stones singles

neckbones / get my kicks / the lights are getting dim

city rats/ rotten mind / rat city dog boy

revelators / aint got a thing / we told you night to cross us

oblivians / bad man popular favorites

danny cleaver / uncontrollable urge

girlschool / live with me

phone jerks / drive me crazy (penetrators) / out the gate

reigning sound / i'll cry too much guitar

jack oblivian / shake it off / so low

oblivians / ride that rain / play 9 songs with mr quinton

gibson bros./ ride a black mare / big pine boogie

the legendary shack shakers / shake your hips / cockadodledont

the legendsary shack shakers / hobo;s are my heros live from sun studio

jack oblivian / 2000 man american slang

wrong turn / turd on the run

compulsive Gamblers /pepper spray boogie / bluff city

Fruit Tones / 21st century boy / Natural Selection

reigning sound / time bomb high school / time bomb highschool

mary weis w/ reigning sound / dont come back dangerous game

supersuckers / good living / the greatest rock n roll band in the world

loose behaviour / the problem with you sad action

knaughty knights / complicated

andre williams / i hate cha / the black godfather

BBQ / justify tie your noose

JACK Oblivian and the Shieks / stick to me / the lone ranger of Love

oblivians / little war child / desperation

Martin Savage Gang / Momma's Place / goodnight johnny (push my Button)

jack o and the tearjerkers lookin for love / dont throw your love away

reigning sound waiting for the day / break up break down

jack oblivian and the tennessee tearjerkers / til the money runs dry flip side kid

the offs / johnny too bad

bloodshot Bill reach that woman / trashy Greasy Rockin Billy

oblivians / road runner best of the worst

oblivians / any way you want it / soul food

compulsive gamblers / wait a bit joe / crystal gazing luck amazing