black diamond heavys solid gold / a touch of someone elses class

daddy long legs shakin up / evil eye on you

prince beastly/ give me hope / kat music for kat people vol iv

guitar slingers / brand new cadilac / live in bremen

the pacifics / i wont miss / you known you make mee wanna stout

adam hill / radio pearl / banjo moon

crankshaft and the gear grinders / motorcycle woman / junkyard rhythm

chazzdaddy / freakout

chazzdaddy / the desert 2014 fuzz for the people one dollar

anthony harrison / give me a job / just topical 9 single 0

eyebawl / no more bad nights / kat music for kat people

hasil adkins / shake that thing / wfmu radio show

topedo monkeys / chicken / lunchtime with the torpedo monkeys

the pink fits / lex in b / de ja blues / 2009

fuck yeah dinosaurs / a critique of human condition / 65 million beers ago

the ghost wolves / lets go to mars

webcam teenz / knife love / M.A.F. /lp

ukulele hiro / what do i get (buzzcocks) / aloha bitches

RAVI / fast cars (buzzcocks) / split w lost cowboys

buzzcocks / wish i never loved you / flat pack philosophy

howlin wolf / i have a little girl /

trixie and the trainwrecks / summertime

black mekon / fresh hell / one in the hate

johnny horton / i m coming home / a honky tonk man

lord high fixers / round and round / group improvisions thats music'

the konks / move and shake / the konks

hiden charms / cheat liar cheat

hidden charms / dial m for musery / the square root of love

hungry ghosts/ pretty girls

pale lips / the kids

robbing banks / about that

the delta riggs / all the lil people / talupo music

the bobby lees / drive

henry funeral shoe / down the line

gino and the goons / take it off / venom /

the cavemen / give up and drunk / killing myself to live

gino and the goon . dead moon