the horribly wrong / living nightmare / bleeding for you

ty segall / the loner / fudge sandwich

biznaga / 2k20 / gran pantalla means big screen

draculas / pretty tommy terminal amusements

draculas / terminal amusements

hank haint / drinking beers

screaming rebel angels / pretty when you're quiet

chuck berry / I want to be your driver

zorton and the cannibals / sinking in ky love / Strange Delights

the ex-bats / good enough for you / kick hits and fits

permateens / sun kissed / sleeper

made violent / my friends

the girls / our generation / The New Rock N' Roll

charlie foxtrot / born on third / man bites dogs

the bloody muffs / ice cream run/ Pandemic Punch

idle race / imposters of life's magazine / nuggets ii

the hypnophonics / you're gonna miss me / citizens of oblivion ep

numbskull action / bald stump / mutate with me free

thee braindrops / all my feelings denied / you want to kill me ep

the unkowns / dressed to kill

the unknowns / will you wait for me / new

chupa cabra / russian models / london single

the chats / 4573 / high risk behaviour

black mambas / up all night / moderation

easybeats / sorry

the devil dogs / my gto

swampmeat family / if you want me to

MFC Chicken / KFC called the cops on me / Fast Food and Broken Hearts

girl trouble / walking the dog / v.a. estrus lunch bucket

tie reds / come on lets go / gotham garage

Holiday ghosts / paranoia / holiday ghost

melanie / no shoes

the candy ditches / welcome to your family

moron;s moron / garageman / Looking For Danger

the mark vodka group / now i wanna be a bad boy

cheap talk / nightmare

kidda band / we're gonna make it

glitter piss / suck my soul

Tom Waits / Return of Jackie and Judy

Killing Joke / War Dance