Kiya Lacey comes to us from "Couch Kid" Joe Croker. 
She is a 18 year old triple threat! A singer, songwriter, and co-owner of Lovely Band hair accessories.
Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, this young lady has taken in all aspects of Music City.
Kiya and I will discuss her desires and listen to her music.
Little Mike Markowitz started playing harp at age 14 and took up piano two years later.
He started The Tornadoes back in 1978 at the age of 22 and has been sharing his music ever since.
Little Mike & The Tornadoes proudly describe themselves as a "working class band" that plays blues with a rock 'n' roll edge.
I will chat with Mike as we listen to music from their latest album, Forgive Me.
Big Daddy Stallings was born in Columbia, S.C but raised on a farm with ten siblings in Hobbsville, N.C. “he lived the Blues everyday” turning to music for his escape.
“Big Daddy” has represented both The Baltimore and D.C Blues Societies at The International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN.
His new album I Like It When They Call Me Big Daddy is chock full of great blues from Big Daddy and his incredible band.
I will chat with “Big Daddy” about his Blues journey and we will listen to music from the album.
Matthew Davidson has been a “Couch Kid” for three years now, since he was 13 years old!
He has since won the Robert Johnson “New Generation” Award in 2011 & played with many of the top musicians in blues today.
He has just released a new single, Heartbreaker & it is a little bit away from pure blues, but Matthew is a ‘Couch Kid’ & he is welcome here anytime.