Untitled. Self-titled. Regardless of how to define it, ‘My Classic Album’ ends 2020 looking at blink-182’s celebrated 5th album with special guest Timmy Francis from pop punk pros As December Falls.

While Mike and Timmy were listening to this album in their formative years, blink-182 were going through a very experimental and transitional phase; one that would ensure the band were never quite the same again.

In what way did ‘I Miss You’ inspire a whole generation of bands?

What experience from producer Jerry Finn’s teenage years gave inspiration to TWO songs on the album?

How close was Robert Smith’s appearance not making it on to the album at all?


All these questions and more to be answered on another edition of ‘My Classic Album’


PLUS: Hear ‘Afterglow’, the latest single from Timmy’s band As December Falls!

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Music Credits: 'This Is Rock' by Silvia Marchese

‘Afterglow’ by As December Falls