This week has 200% more Jeremy and 100% less Christy as Jeremy is joined by Jeremy Henson from the Eureka Podcast to try and fill in Christys shoes (he doesn't look as cute as Christy does in them but does his best).We talk a bit about Jeremys show Eureka Podcast including a brief recap of Jeremys "degenerate" years. Then we delve into what Jeremy nerds out about, including weightlifting, box office numbers, and Jeremy digs in to his own religious background which turns out to be similar to the hosts. 

As discussed on the show: Eureka Podcast #66 - Azerbaijani National Anthem and Eureka Podcast #68 - Getting To Know YouDo yourself a favor and go subscribe to the Eureka Podcast and drop them a line online, you can find the show at their website or in twitter @EurekaPodcast and the hosts Jeremy (@AintNoSwayze) and Craig (@AnAverageGatsby)  Find us: @NerdOutLoudPod on twitter, on facebook, online, and subscribe (rate and review us please!) on iTunes