Christy and Jeremy are visiting the midwest but check in from their hotel room to discuss some of the goings on this week, Jeremy has a theory about ukelele girl from America's Got Talent, he also can't figure out why kinder eggs and lawn darts are illegal. We take a deeper dive into the world of cartoon eggplants and why some long time historians are frustrated over the recent popularity of Emoji. Christy discusses an article she found about the differences between sitcoms and "real life" before pulling a couple more "signs you might have grown up evangelical" and discussing the early years of Jeremy's life.  As discussed on the show:  Grace VanderWaal - 12 Year old gets golden buzzer on America's Got Talent Inside "Emojigeddon": The fight over the future of the unicode consortium Emoji Dick - Moby dick, but written in emoji What is the unicode consortium? 23 Things people do in sitcoms that would be weird IRL