Hear new music from several different mid-sized groups on this New Sounds. Listen to music from the recent album, “Dreamfall” by the NY-based chamber band Now Ensemble, playing Andrea Mazzriello’s “Trust Fall.” Then there’s a Nico Muhly two-fer, with Sufjan Stevens’ “Year of the Dragon” in an Nico Muhly arrangement for the ensemble yMusic, along with chamber music sextet eighth blackbird (Chicago-based) playing Muhly’s work, “Doublespeak,” from their recent record, "Filament." 

Sample music from The Young Scamels, a group out of Louisville, KY, consisting of former members of Rachel’s, including the late Jason Noble, who convened the ensemble back in 2007 to do music for a production of “The Tempest.” Listen also to the Greek-French-Columbian-Spanish Quartetto Minimo, and their jazz/chamber rock from Spain. Then, California-based composer/violinist Robin Cox & his ensemble play a 3-part piece, “Faster Than That.” Plus, music by Build & composer Matt McBane & more.