Newcastle Roots Music Radio from Roots of the World brings you a monthly world, roots and folk music podcast wherever you live! There's also a gig guide for those of you who live in Northeast England on the podcast and on the related blog where you can also find a playlist with links for more information regarding artists:
This month's edition features music from Newcastle’s Monster Ceilidh Band’s new and funktastic album “Charge”. You will be taken to Mali, India, Spain, Shetland, hear some London blues and hear tracks from the forthcoming Tom McConville album and The Young’Uns new disc. Lots more besides so listen in!
This podcast comes from RootsoftheWorld and is available on Soundcloud, Podomatic and I Tunes. You can also now listen to it on the first Sunday of the month on Hive Radio NE between 5 and 6.30pm and subsequently on Hive’s Mixcloud’s page!
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You can also listen to my music mix on Hive Radio on my “Roots of the World Show” broadcast fortnightly from 5-6pm on Sundays, when you will still hear sounds from forthcoming NE England gigs but there will be a greater emphasis on sounds from beyond these shores. This month it’s on Sunday 16th at and later available on Mixcloud at Now that “The Roots of the World Show” will now be monthly, it is lengthened to one and a half hours! And it’s first Sunday of the month slot is taken by a one and a half long “Newcastle Roots Music Radio”. Hope that all made sense!

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