Even though she's just 27, MOLLY TUTTLE has for years now been mesmerizing audiences with her fast-’grass flat-picking runs, great sense of groove, and soulful singing. But, as is the case with many great artists, it’s the way her talents combine in the form of great SONGS that is most astounding. The California-raised, Nashville-based steel-string virtuoso got started in music at age 8, learning from (and soon gigging and recording with) her father, Jack Tuttle. Now, Molly — not one to stagnate during pandemic-induced lockdown or any other time — has recorded and just released her third solo album, called ... BUT I'D RATHER BE WITH YOU. And on this episode of No Guitar Is Safe, Molly picks up one of her favorite Pre-War Guitars dreadnoughts, performs songs for you, and shows you many of the techniques and emotions that went into the new record. PRESENTED BY BLUE MICROPHONES. Find your dream microphone at BLUEMIC.COM. Hosted by JUDE GOLD.