From Django jazz to death metal to his hypnotic new instrumental album, Verlorener, EMIL WERSTLER and his Paul Reed Smith guitars deliver a vast (and very impressive) array of guitar tones, techniques, and styles. In addition to Verlorener and his guitar seminars, Emil is also known for his work with heavier acts such as Daath and Chimaira. I caught up with Emil after his weekend in Los Angeles appearing at Loni Specter’s raucous tone-party/hotel takeover known simply as the L.A. Amp Show. A huge thanks to guitarist Josh Smith (whom you know from Episode 18 of this podcast) who invited Emil and I to record this episode at Flat V studio, the full-service recording facility Josh built from the ground up in his backyard. PRESENTED BY GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE.

-- JUDE GOLD, host, No Guitar Is Safe