Norman Long - "We Can't Let You Broadcast That"

Truett and George - "Ghost Dance"

Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer - "Goose Pimples"

Florence Brady - "Sunshine"

Lydia Mendoza - "Los Besos de mi Negra"

George Formby - "It's a Grand and Healthy Life"

Bessie Jackson - "Barbecue Bess"

Wynonie Harris - "I Like My Baby's Pudding"

Alphonso et Son Orchestre Typique Antillais - "Chain' la Lou"

Polly Walker - "Where Were You? Where Was I?"

The Savoy Havana Band (vocal: Ramon Newton) - "Masculine Women and Feminine Men"

Vladimir Selinski - "Professor Visits Harlem"

The Raymond Scott Quintet - "Street Corner in Paris"

Billie Holiday with the Teddy Wilson Orchestra - "He Ain't Got Rhythm"

Billy Jones & Ernest Hare - "What Does the Pussy Cat Mean When She Says Meow?"

Sophie Tucker - "You've Got to See Mama Ev'ry Night"