Frankie Trumbauer and His Orchestra - "Trumbology"

Strayhorn Trio - "In a Blue Summer Garden"

The Old Codger Show Proud Sponsor - "Kellogg's Pep"

Teddy Wilson - "Breaking In a Pair of Shoes"

Lil Johnson - "Was I?"

Josephine Baker - "Vous faites partie de moi (I've Got You Under My Skin)"

Cole Porter - "Me and Marie"

George Hannah with Meade "Lux" Lewis (piano) - "The Boy in the Boat"

Dizzy Gillespie - "Dizzy Atmosphere"

Don Redman Orchestra - "Shakin' That Afri-Can"

The Boswell Sisters - "I'm in Training for You"

Owl Jolson - "Starring In I Love to Singa"

Lil Johnson & Black Bob - "Get 'Em from the Peanut Man (Hot Nuts)"

The Brox Sisters - "Bring on the Pepper"

Jimmie Rodgers - "Down the Old Road to Home"