Lionel Hampton - "Hot Mallets"

Billy Strayhorn Trio - "Johnny Come Lately"

Tampa Red Orchestra - "I'm Gonna Get High"

Bix Beiderbecke & His Gang - "Rhythm King"

Sophie Tucker - "I Don't Want to Get Thin"

Lord Kitchener - "Kitch's Bebop Calypso"

Earl Hines - "Child of a Disordered Brain"

Willie Bryant - "Viper's Moan"

Carson Robison - "Get Your Gun and Come Along (We're Fixin' to Kill a Skunk)"

Nanja Raho - "Dinah Rhythm Laugh"

Fats Waller - "Slightly Less Than Wonderful / There's a Gal in My Life"

Ethel Waters - "Trademark"

Bruz Fletcher - "She's My Most Intimate Friend"

George Formby - "Keep Your Seats, Please"

Hank Williams - "Mind Your Own Business"