Larry Clinton Orchestra - "Midnight in the Madhouse"

Cab Calloway and His Orchestra - "A Strictly Cullud Affair"

Julia Lee and Her Boy Friends - "Mama Don't Allow"

George Formby - "I Don't Like"

Sol Hoopii - "Fascinating Rhythm"

Blind Alfred Reed - "Woman's Been After Man Ever Since"

Lydia Mendoza - "Tu Diras"

Willard Robison - "Beale Street Blues"

Fats Waller - "Gladyse"

Eddie Cantor - "When It Comes to Loving the Girls"

Duke Ellington & His Orchestra - "Rendezvous with Rhythm"

Florence Brady - "Now That He's Off My Hands"

Edmond Hall - "Profoundly Blue"

Ruth Etting - "When You're With Somebody Else"

Sophie Tucker - "I'm the Last of the Red Hot Mamas"

George Goebel - "A Cowboy's Best Friend is His Horse"