The Ponce Sisters - "Ten Little Miles From Town"

Bert Shefter - "Taming the Devil"

Ruth Etting - "Hoosier Sweetheart"

The Old Codger Show Proud Sponsor - "The 1950 Ford"

Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang - "Tempi Di Modernage"

Fats Waller - "Nero"

The Ticklers - "Healing in the Balm Yard"

Sonny Blount and Stuff Smith - "Deep Purple"

Hal Herzon Septet - "Robot"

Flip the Frog - "Techno-Cracked (1931 Flip the Frog film soundtrack)"

Claude Thornhill Orchestra - "Bad Humor Man"

Lennie Tristano - "Abstraction"

Andy Kirk & His 12 Clouds of Joy - "Blue Clarinet Stomp"

Jimmy Grier Orchestra and the Boswell Sisters - "Rock and Roll"

Jimmie Rodgers - "Old Pal of My Heart"