Guitar Nerds is brought to you in association with Faith Guitars, Ernie Ball, and KMA Audio Machines.

Faith Guitars:

Based right here in the UK, Faith Guitars are designed by British guitar luthier Patrick James Eggle, who has been hand-building guitars for decades for some of the biggest names in the business.

Discover the range here and then visit one of the many UK or European retailers to try them for yourselves.

If you’re in the USA or Canada, you can buy direct HERE – and by using the COUPON CODE: NERDS at checkout you can get an exclusive 10% discount.

Ernie Ball:

Ernie Ball is excited to announce that the highly anticipated VPJR Tuner pedal is here. It's the perfect combination 2-in-1 pedal offering precise volume control with an enhanced definition digital tuner. The pedal features a fast and accurate chromatic tuner with a graphic volume display that is visually attractive and easy to operate.

The tuner can be calibrated to a variety of ideal reference pitches and its compact, rugged design consists of aluminum housing and features a stronger, more durable PVC coated Kevlar cord ensuring consistent tension throughout the foot sweep. Available in Silver, Red, White, and Black click here to learn more.

KMA Audio Machines:

KMA Audio Machines are hand-made from start to finish and with an unwavering passion for perfection, each and every pedal is designed using custom double- sided PCBs, assembled, silk-screened, tested and numbered by hand in their own workshop, all of which guarantees high-quality, while the use of a virtually indestructible powder-coated die-cast enclosure ensures maximum durability.

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