Guitar Nerds is brought to you in association with Faith Guitars.

Based right here in the UK, Faith Guitars are designed by British guitar luthier Patrick James Eggle, who has been hand-building guitars for decades for some of the biggest names in the business.

Founded in 2002, Faith Guitars have been voted the UK’s Best Acoustic Guitars 5 times in a row by both the public and panels of music industry experts. So, you can be confident in your new Faith Guitar!

Like all quality acoustics, Faith guitars are made of all-solid tonewoods, so you can be sure they’ll start off sounding great and improve year on year. Faith don’t use Laminated woods. But you’ll be pleased to know that despite the all-solid tonewoods, the superb specification and hand-made construction, Faith Guitars are still affordable with prices starting around £450 or $600USD.

Discover the range here and then visit one of the many UK or European retailers to try them for yourselves.

If you’re in the USA or Canada, you can buy direct HERE – and by using the COUPON CODE: NERDS at checkout you can get an exclusive 10% discount.

This week's podcast is also sponsored by INDRA GUITARS - Whether you're after a full custom electric guitar, a repair or the just the smallest of modifications to make your instrument stand out from the crowd, Indra Guitars can guarantee truly original results so that your guitar really is your guitar and there isn't another one like it in the world.

Indra Guitars can realise your concept through discussion and understanding, you will not be asked to conform to a pre existing format or adapt your ideas to suit a production line. Design without limits from the ground up with the help of a fully trained artistically minded luthier willing to break all the boundaries.

Indra Guitars expertise in acid etching on their own guitar designs, custom plates, inlays and headcaps give you complete control of your instrument's aesthetic and opens the doors to a wholly original instrument, as unique as the player themselves.

Check out Indra Guitars at and get in touch to start a conversation about your next dream instrument.

This week on Guitar Nerds, the team announce a new and very exciting giveaway for the month of February. Guitar Nerds have teamed up with Mikey Demus and Redbeard Effects to give you the chance to win a Redbeard Red Mist MKIV.

You can enter on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, on Patreon, you can even email us to enter.

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We will of course be using the legendary wheel of Nerdune to decide the winner on 26th February.

This week on The Guitar Nerds Podcast, Joe, Mark, Matt and Jay talk all about touring rigs for punk bands, affordable Gibson acoustics, home recording rigs, and a whole bunch of cool new releases from Rock N Roll Relics, Fender, and Maxon.

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