This episode of Guitar Nerds is brought to you by Shergold Guitars and their latest electric guitar, the Provocateur!

Celebrated by Total Guitar Magazine as “one of the most refined single-cuts on the market, with endlessly satisfying playability and a flawless set of tones”, the Shergold Provocateur combines remarkable specification with a retro vibe for a unique and bona fide rock guitar.

From the brand that once powered the likes of Joy Division and is now championed by modern guitar pioneers And So I Watch You From Afar and many others comes a fresh and exciting range of electric guitars.

Designed by legendary British guitar luthier Patrick James Eggle and featuring a roasted mahogany neck and a solid mahogany body loaded with USA-made Seymour Duncan pickups, it’s easy to see why Guitarist Magazine officially voted the Provocateur one the ‘Best Electrics of 2019’.

You can find your nearest Shergold dealer here … And if you’re not in the UK, don’t fear, many UK based Shergold dealers have super awesome international shipping options to guarantee your Shergold will make it to you in the most far-flung of places.

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This week on The Guitar Nerds Podcast, Joe, Matt, Mark and Jay talk all about Jay's fun times demoing the Fender Bubbler, Joe's fun times demoing the Mooer 7 series, and Matt's fun times building a new pedalboard.

In addition Guitar Nerds proudly announce a brand new giveaway! 

We’ve teamed up with ThorpyFX to giveaway one ThorpyFX Heavy Water Duel High Headroom Boost pedal. Highly ranked by all the Nerds in last year’s GOTY as an absolutely fantastic make gooderer!

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