Podcasting 2.0 February 23d 2024 Episode 168: "Frog Giggin'"

Adam & Dave are joined by Benjamin Bellamy from Paris to catch up on his Castopod project and the le latest cuisine


We are LIT

Benjamin Bellamy - Castopod

Farmer protests

Umbrel or Start9/OS

Here are some talking points I thought we could talk about tomorrow:

- Audience measurement in France (IAB, ACPM, Médiamétrie) and how OP3 may shake this

- Is there a GDPR problem with IABv2 standard?

- What is so different with podcasting in France?

- Why is Youtube podcast a really bad thing?

- Why Apple Podcasts adding the transcript tag is a game changer?

- SEO for podcasts sucks. Will transcripts will change that?

- Do we need a “Page Rank” for podcasting?

- The podcast:recommendations is almost 3 years old (and almost forgotten). It's probably the wrong answer to a good question… We probably need something else…

- We need a podcast:analytics tag so that we know where to find OP3 analytics

- We need a podcast:source tag that says if a podcast was published someplace before

- We need a podcast:ad tag to create an ad ecosystem that respects all actors (podcasters, hosts, apps…)

- Castopod roadmap

- Why affiliation is the only solution to save the Internet from online ads

List of ISO 3166 country codes - Wikipedia

V4V Roundtable

Why is the industry always talking about 'growing your podcast'?

Tennis or golf

Not everything needs to be as a profession

Took me years before I even thought about being paid

Serve a community

Looking to start podcasting? Do a music podcast - it's wide open territory!

ETF approval for bitcoin – the naked emperor’s new clothes


MKUltra chat

Transcript Search

What is Value4Value? - Read all about it at Value4Value.info

V4V Stats

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