On this week's Pop Rocket, Guy Branum, Wynter Mitchell and Karen Tongson are joined by LA Weekly film critic April Wolfe 

for a deep dive into the French horror film Raw by director Julia Ducournau. The movie centers on Justine, a young vegetarian who, along with her sister, is studying to become a veterinarian. When Justine is pressured to eat a rabbit's kidney at a party, that act unleashes all her carnal desires, such as the desire to eat people. When Raw screened in Los Angeles, theaters handed out barf bags to moviegoers because some people can't handle the graphic realism. In this episode, you'll find out why April considers this to be one of the best horror movies of all time. Karen Tongson impresses with a quick history lesson on French veterinary science, and Guy and Wynter explore the ways fear of female sexuality plays such a core role in horror films.

Also in this episode, April's all about the Anne Hathaway film "Colossal", Wynter's all about that Pepsi ad, Guy's all about Shit Town and Karen thinks folks should get into season three of "Grace & Frankie". Plus, the gang shares their favorite jams, but this week Guy's jam isn't a song. It's the horrific footage of the United passenger getting dragged through the plane.

It's a jam-packed episode. Enjoy!

With Guy Branum, Wynter Mitchell, Karen Tongson and April Wolfe.

That’s My Jam:

April Wolfe - Kleenex/ Liliput - Hitch-Hike Karen Tongson - Lionel Richie - You Are Wynter Mitchell - Iggy Azalea - Mo Bounce

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