Oliver takes over hosting duties today and is joined by Wynter and special guests, comedian (and writer for MaxFun podcast International Waters!) Riley Silverman and Editor in Chief of Birth.Movies.Death, Devin Faraci. This week, the gang talks about this summer’s blockbusters with a focus on DC and Marvel movies! Is Suicide Squad a beautiful trainwreck or just a trainwreck-y trainwreck? Why does Marvel seem to be killing it at the box office and with critics while DC struggles to do either? Who in the world wanted another Independence Day movie? All that, plus, Oliver finds a new weird Olympic sport to obsess over, Wynter brings in some more KCRW-esque Jams, Riley has a few words to say on Rio de Janiero, and Devin still holds hope for one final potential summer blockbuster.  

NOTE: Mild Harry Potter spoilers from 03:35-07:01 YOU’VE BEEN WARNED, NERDS!

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With Oliver Wang, Wynter Mitchell, and special guests, Riley Silverman and Devin Faraci.

Produced by Christian Dueñas and Colin Anderson for MaximumFun.org