Hello and happy Thursday! Truly another very special episode for Tom. First, it's his wonderful producer Niko Ketsilis' (The Canadian Assassin himself) 100th episode as producer for PYP. His Pro You attitude and gratitude have simply made PYP better these past 100 episodes. Thank you, thank you and thank you Niko for being you and all you do! Secondly, this episode and this special guest made for one of Tom's all-time favorite episodes. It goes over the normal one hour time and Tom's first thought was to make it into two separate episodes, but decided to put it out all at once. That's how special this episode is and how very special Tom's guest is. All the way from Ireland, Sir Sean Corcoran! An amazing artist, person, friend, husband, father and who, by simply being himself, forever changed my life and gifted Tom with the most amazing moment, weekend and memory ever. A huge thank you to Sean for just being himself! Enjoy and as always thanks for listening!

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