Imagine a holiday market for nerds and geeks. I talk with one of the creators of Nerdy Noel and share my own Nerdy Wonderland story. Plus, I have a new album on Kickstarter. It’s called Dancing With Hobbits. Find out why you should support this CD and Musical Pin.

This is Pub Songs & Stories #276

0:20 - “Celtic Christmas Elf” by Marc Gunn from Celtic Christmas Greetings


I am Marc Gunn. I’m a Sci F’Irish musician and podcaster living in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m at Conjuration this weekend.

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3:13 - WHAT’S NEW

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8:12 - “Hobbit Hornpipe” by Dancing With Hobbits from Dancing With Hobbits


  • There are three new Celtic Christmas albums that are now available. The Celtic Kitchen Party has an album called One Celtic Christmas. I interviewed the band for Celtic Christmas Music podcast. It’s upbeat and fun. You’ll hear some of the songs on upcoming episodes. The McDades have a new Christmas album as well. I’ve barely touched the surface of that one. But I have fallen in love with The Gothard Sisters new album, A Celtic Christmas. I have an interview with Greta from the band that’ll be out in early December. Next episode is out on Sunday, Nov 19. Listen to Celtic Christmas Music at
  • Runa has a new album coming out. It’s called When the Light Gets In. It’s everything I’ve come to expect from this fantastic band. It comes out in February.


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19:13 – “Hobbit Polka” by Dancing With Hobbits from Dancing With Hobbits


Nerdy Noel is a holiday market for nerds and geeks by Komai’s Oh My!

32:53 - Marc Gunn “Yuletide” from Single

Listen to the Story of Yuletide on show #246.

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