This week, a second helping of fresh salsa, just added to the RADIO MACONDO collection. We liked the fresh stuff so much last week, we had to come back for more. Featuring: Oscar D'Leon and Dimension Latina in that classic from 1972, "Lloraras"; then Andy Montanez and Dimension Latina in a "Lloraras" near-sound-alike; another 90s hit from Puerto Rican Power. Then, into another sample from the Fania Remasters, just out this year: This time it's Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe in a cut from the 1968 album "El Malo". Mongo Santamaria then introduces La Lupe in a track from 1963. Plus more recent classics from Chocolate Armenteros, Chino Nunez, and Celia Cruz. And we wind things down with a set of new hits from now: Africando, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Ismael Miranda, and Jose Alberto. Still got room for more of the fresh stuff? Come on into our kitchen!