Feelin' a little blue? Maybe spring's gettin' you down with a little hay fever. Or maybe you're missin' your favorite dancer. Or maybe you're just tired of all the negative attitudes in modern American rock. Well, we've got a prescription to fix your soul right up! It's called... Salsa. Take a dose of Johnny Polanco's "Receta", then a heaping spoonful of Willie Rosario. Your treatment includes some sensual healing from Jose Alberto, Rey Ruiz, Victor Manuelle, and Alfredo de la Fe. Then, what you need is a vacation down in Puerto Rico, with some classic Eddie Palmieri and Tipica 73. And, of course laughter is the best medicine, with some crazy, rare Cuban mambo from Juana Bacallao and Tito Puente. Whatever's got you down, you can forget all about it, and "swing-you-conmigo," on RADIO MACONDO.