RADIO MACONDO is your weekly venture into Salsa and all its afro-cuban variants. And this week, DJ John is havin' a mambo-fit, and he wants to pass it on. He kicks things off with some '70s "Funktuno" from Fania All Stars, then into a whole mambo set, with Tito Puente and Beny More (photo at right), plus tributes to More and the mambo years by Oscar D'Leon and Cubanismo. Then, into classic salsa, featuring Hector Lavoe's masterpiece, "Periodico de Ayer." Willie Colon is featured, too, with three full songs, including songs he wrote and performed with Ismael Miranda and Celia Cruz. Last, some contemporary hits from Willie Rosario with Tony Vega singing, Frankie Ruiz, and that inspirational anthem, "Vivir Lo Nuestro," by India and Marc Anthony.