Headin' down to Cali! That's our itinerary for this week... at least for a few minutes... We start with Orquesta Guayacan (photo at right) and Sonora Carruseles, two of the biggest bands from Colombia. Then we zip up to San Francisco for some cutting-edge salsa-jazz from Orquesta Gitana and Francisco Guayabal. We throw in another Tito Puente essential before hearing still another classic from Eddie Palmieri, and a modern hit in the classic mode from Bobby Valentin. Then, a great set of contemporary salsa romantica from the studios of New York, with Jose Alberto, George Lamond, Frankie Negron, and Jerry Rivera. No seatbelt reqired, but you'd better keep your dance shoes firmly tied. Radio Macondo is your guide once more for a grand tour of Salsa-merica!