One salsa song packs as much of a kick as three cups of coffee--or at least that's what DJ John thinks. And how did he arrive at that conclusion? Well, he heaped on 11 scoops of high-energy, big-hit salsa, fine Colombian grade, including Roberto Blades,Yolanda Rayo, Grupo Niche, Orquesta El Equipo, and Colombia All-stars. And just as we were about get a cup, the pot exploded with Tito Puente and La Lupe, followed by Orquesta Gitana. Then, we were finally able to kick back and savor the aroma with some son cubano from Septeto Matamoros and Adalberto Alvarez. And of course, no coffee break would be complete without a generous helping of ... Azuca'!... from the Queen herself, Celia Cruz. And for that extra shot of espresso, we finish with hit mambo-salsa from Cubanismo.

We figure that's the equivalent of 33 cups of coffee for every single