You've found the only podcast on the Internet with a full hour of hot, classic-edged salsa, spiced with a touch of Cuban son. That's RADIO MACONDO.
Back for a another cup of the Macondo Blend? Each week, we serve it up hot, in a brew of new and classic together. It simmers, it boils, and sometimes it steeps, smooth and mellow. This week's artists, in the order we drop them into the pot: First, the hot set, with Sonora Carruseles, cuz we know how much you like that; Yolanda Rayo; Frankie Ruiz; Salsa Fever; and Victor Manuelle. Then, the classic set, with Louie Ramirez ; Hector Lavoe; and two from Willie Colon in collaborations with Ruben Blades and Celia Cruz. Then, for that double shot of Cuban, Los Van Van and Son de Aca.
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