Radio Prakafra

Voici les titres des pièces musicales et autres ouvrages audio pour la session 01 - 2016. (Présentés en ordre chronologique)
Tout les droits vont à leurs propriétaires respectifs.

Here's session 01 - 2016 Music/Audio credits. (Presented in chronological order)
All rights goes to their rightfull owners.

01_Low rider by War (United artists) 00:00:36 H

02_Hombre lobo en Paris by La union (Warner music)00:03:37 H

03_Witch queen of new Orleans by Redbone (Epic)00:07:24 H

04_El verano by Bob James (CTI records) 00:10:02 H

05_Skyscrapers by Eumir Deodato (CTI records) 00:14:48 H

06_Warmride by Rare Earth (Motown) 00:21:30 H

07_Flyin' high by Joe & Eumir 00:27:14 H

08_Duel under the scorching sun by Joe & Eumir 00:30:46 H

09_Happiness is easy by TALKTALK (EMI)00:34:57 H

10_King cobra by Herbie Hancock (Alfred Lion) 00:41:00 H

11_Little sister by Elvis Presley (RCA)00:48:09 H

12_Funky drummer by James Brown and the JB's (King) 00:50:38 H

13_Sonia By Miles Davis (Warner Brothers) 00:59:48 H

14_Take five by the Dave Brubeck quartet (Columbia)01:05:13 H

15_Smells like teen spirit by Nirvana (DGC)01:10:29 H

16_Low rider again (United artists) 01:10:57 H