Welcome to the imaginatively entitled 'Radio Radio', a series of podcasts presented by Gareth Jones from Bristol, UK.

In this 3rd special Christmas edition you'll hear interviews with:

*NAOKO from SHONEN KNIFE (this section starts 14mins in)
*ALLO DARLIN' (this section starts 36mins in)
*BUCKY (this section starts 1hour 5mins in)

plus there are plenty of indie/alternative/unusual Christmas songs.


PARRY GRIPP - Because It's Christmastime
PINEY GIR - Every Day's A Holiday
ERIN McKEOWN - It's A Very Queer Christmas
SEPTEMBER GIRLS AND THE #1s - I Want You Back For Christmas
SHONEN KNIFE - Space Christmas
SHONEN KNIFE - All I Want For Christmas
SHONEN KNIFE - Sweet Christmas
FRANK SIDEBOTTOM - Christmas In Australia
ALLO DARLIN' - Space Christmas
ALLO DARLIN' - Only Dust Behind
ALLO DARLIN' - Baby, It's Cold Outside
BEING 747 - Walking In The Air
THE BOY LEAST LIKELY TO - A Happy Christmas Baby
BUCKY - (I'm A) Little Snowflake
ALLY CROSS - Too Many Sporting Activities
BETH WARD - Mary Wilson (acapella version)
SUE PALMER & SUZI GAGE - Collage/Mosaic
LIANNE HALL - Mary Campbell Square
BLACK ARTS - Christmas Number One
12 GIRLS BAND - All I Want For Christmas Is You

Comments, suggestions, MP3s to play on future shows, viagra spam, offers of marriage from Russian girls or any other correspondence is most welcome. Please email: radioradiopodcast@yahoo.co.uk