Blues Comes A'Knockin
Billy Walton Band
Wish For What You Want

Movin' On
David Maxwell
Blues In Other Colors

May You Never
Robin Bibi and Tony Marten
Live At The Ram Jam

Cypress Grove
Half Deaf Clatch
Borrowed Blues

You Ain't Fat
Andy Twyman
Blues You Haven't Heard Before

Take Me To Waco Station
Richard Townend
Boiling Pot

Storyteller's Daughter

Little By Little
Katie Bradley & Dudley Ross
Anchor Baby Sessions

You Knock Me Out
Zoe Schwarz & Blue Commotion

The Red Rooster
Tim Aves & Wolfpack
Never Saw Chester

No Ghosts In This House
Kris Dollimore
No Ghosts In This House

Snakes And Ladders
Robin Trower
Something's About To Change