Winterland Ballroom

My Time After A While
Buddy Guy
A Man & The Blues

Sonny Boy Williamson
Paul Jones & Jack Bruce
Alexis Korner Memorial

For Jack
Eric Clapton

Only Tryin' To Survive
Ian Siegal
The Picnic Sessions

We All Do Bad Sometimes
Marcus Bonfanti
Shake The Walls

Everyday The Same
Running Man

Wake Up
Jack J Hutchinson Band
Get It Back

Only Fools Know Everything
Big Boy Bloater
Blues Magazine CD

Do The Right Thing
24 Pesos
Do The Right Thing

I Guess I'll Never Know
Robert Cray
In My Soul

Same Old Blues
Matt Woosey Band
Wildest Dreams

What Would Jimmie Do
JW Jones
Belmont Boulevard

I Got My Mojo Working
Katie Bradley & Dudley Ross
Anchor Baby Sessions