Lady B Goode Chuck Berry Chuck (She Don't) Gimme No Lovin' King King Exile & Grace Don't You Know Kaz Hawkins Feat Sam York Don't You Know The Way You Are Trevor Sewell Calling Nashville Honey Murder LaVendore Rogue A Night In The North Hold On Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion This Is The Life I Choose Sweat Soaked City David Bray Night Rains Aint No Love In The Heart Of The City The Lachy Doley Group Lovelight Live at Memorial Hall - 13 - Dave Arcari - Givers & Takers Dave Arcari Special Long Gone Eric Sardinas & Big Motor Boomerang May I Have a Talk with You John Primer & Bob Corritore Ain't Nothing You Can Do! My Mom's Gonna Yell At You! Jason Ricci Approved By Snakes Fuego Cruzado Los Mambo Jambo 7th European Blues Challenge