In today's episode, we explore the challenges of building cross-platform apps in React Native and look at the differences between the two main platforms, iOS and Android.


This episode brought to you by Infinite Red! Infinite Red is a premier React Native design and development agency located in the USA. With five years of React Native experience and deep roots in the React Native community (hosts of Chain React and the React Native Newsletter), Infinite Red is the best choice for your next React Native app.

Show Notes:

Helpful Links:

  1. Adhithi's article about the differences in building iOS and Android apps in React Native.
  2. This week's weird bug
  3. Learn more about Elevation, here!
  4. Interested in learning more about Google Play Console pre-launch reports? Take a look at this!
  5. Google Developers India — Android app walkthrough
  6. Orta gave a wonderful talk about iOS build infrastructure, You can watch that here
  7. Have some busted node modules that need fixing? Check out Patch Package!
  8. Here's how the devs at Infinite Red setup Fastlane and Circle CI

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