Another episode of "We React to News" is upon us! Today, Mazen and Robin are talking about all sorts of juicy topics like Expo 47, Solito, and Meta adopting Kotlin as primary language for Android development, just to name a few. 

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Helpful Links:

  1. Expo SDK 47 beta is now available | by Brent Vatne | Oct, 2022 | Exposition
  2. Introduction | Expo Router
  3. Expo Router | Solito
  4. RFC: File System-Based Native Routing with Expo and React Native | by Evan Bacon | Sep, 2022
  5. RNR 224 - React Native Web on Next.js with Fernando Rojo
  6. From zero to 10 million lines of Kotlin - Engineering at Meta
  7. Create React Native Library 0.25
  8. Alexandre Moureaux New Architecture Benchmarking on Twitter
  9. React Native types moving out of DefinitelyTyped

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