• Lucas Reis
  • Justin Bennett
  • Nader Dabit
  • Charles Max Wood

Episode Summary

In this 50th episode of React Round Up, the panelists start with talking briefly about themselves, their work, as well as their side projects. Lucas Reis is a Senior Frontend Engineer at Zocdoc, and is working on the Zocdoc website, specifically on performance and SEO. He is also involved in sharing frontend knowledge throughout the company. Justin Bennett is a Senior Engineer at Artsy and focuses on web performance along with several open source projects. He is also interested in release processes and continuous integration. Nader Dabit is with Amazon Web Services as a Developer Advocate, working on GraphQL, React to React Native, Vue and is involved in community work too. Charles Max Wood is mainly focused on making this podcast better that includes things like getting sponsors, dealing with business issues, releasing the episodes on time, etc. He talks about his mission to help people find fulfillment from coding and enabling them to achieve their ideal lifestyle.

They discuss hard and soft skills in software development, their interdependence and importance, and also the fact that the skills required to become a good developer are needed for personal development in general as well. They then mention their favorite past episodes and the growth of different programming ecosystems and communities such as React, Vue, Angular, etc. With respect to upcoming projects in React, they talk a bit about Suspense, Concurrent React, server-side rendering, performance issues, Prepack, compiler optimizations and Reason React. Finally, they each mention what they do apart from regular development work to unwind and relax.



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