Louisiana Renaissance Festival The Ren Cruise

SONGS My Johnny Was a Shoemaker performed by Abby Green from the album Fig for a Kiss The Whistling Gypsy Rover performed by Alexander James Adams from the album Harvest Season Second Cutting Step Out Mary performed by Alexander Silver from the album The Gate Home and other Tales Haul Away Joe performed by Angus McHugh, Scottish Pirate from the album Rebels Pirates and Cutthroats She Moved Through the Faire performed by April Knight from the album Allons Y Time Traveler's Tunes A Sonnet For The Queen performed by Harper & Minstrel from the album A Sonnet For The Queen The Old Dunn Cow performed by Axel the Sot from the album Bottled Up! Red Is the Rose performed by Bardmageddon from the album Bardmaggeddon Health to the Company performed by Majestic Reign from the album Renaissance Steel Johnny Jump Up performed by LandLoch'd from the album Good Rum and Bad Sheep The Soup Mages performed by Battlelegs from the album The Soup Mages The Parting Glass performed by Rowan and the Rose from the album We Have Adventures

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