Louisiana Renaissance Festival

The Ren Cruise

SONGS L'innamorata performed by Kindred Spirits from the album Dispelling All Woes

Leaving of Liverpool performed by Red Rum from the album Save the Ales Nightingale performed by Éiníní from the album On the Wing

Heigh-Ho the Wind & the Rain performed by Shakespeare Approves from the album Are You There God? It's Me, Shakespeare

Saucy Sailor performed by Music the Gathering from the album LVL 1

Grace My Lovely One, Fair Beauties performed by Myschyffe Managed from the album Faire Play

Kilcash performed by Cantiga from the album A Timeless Journey

Amoroso performed by Cantiga from the album A Timeless Journey

Prettiest Hobbit performed by Kilted Kings from the album Name On My Soul

Down Village Creek performed by Sea Dog Slams Poems from the album A Night at Devil's Tavern

Now Is The Month Of Maying performed by Three Quarter Ale from the album Three Quarter Ale

Far Far Away performed by Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers from the album The World is Ablaze

Jug Of Punch performed by Scott Boswell from the album Jug Of Punch

Drink Between Friends performed by The Pride of Ireland from the album Water, Hops, and Grains

Once Upon A Cherry Blossom performed by Ladies at Play from the album Once Upon A Waltz

Vada, chmieĺ, solad (Water, Hop, Molt) performed by Stary Olsa from the album Kola Rycerska






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